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A mere click of a button is all it takes for Fabreasy to create a PDF file while adding your Virtual Stationery, ready to be sent by e-mail! Adjusting the Virtual Stationery is just plain easy using the online editor. Fabreasy: Stationery reinvented. Download now and get started!  

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We respect your privacy that is why we have to charge a small fee to keep this service running.

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Regular price:

  • 1 year € 24,00

14 day stamp free period, after 14 days a stamp is added. Pleae note that the license is user based, you need to create an account and buy a license for every user (Fabreasy setup -> tab 'My account' -> follow step 1 and 2. The license file is stored within the Fabreasy users account. 

Site License available (6+ users, please drop an email  for more information: sales (at) fabreasy.com)

Excluding 21% EU VAT, NL. Payments by Paypal.

EU customers: It is possible to pay by invoice. Send an email to sales (at) fabreasy.com.