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Easily create a PDF and automatically add your digital stationery or visual signature. The PDF is immediately ready to save, email or print. Including handy PDF tools: Rearrage PDF pages, merger, splitter, signature tool, etc. Try it for 14 days without obligation. 

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Digital Letterhead solution (and much more)


Combine PDF-files with PDF-Stationery - Here's Why!

PDF documents have become indispensable in the digital age. The formatting is guaranteed and therefore looks the same for everyone on different devices. Both consumers and businesses today prefer to receive their mail digitally. A challenge is to give the look and feel that we are used to from letters that we send by post. With Fabreasy PDF Creator this is easy to achieve.


Integrate digital stationery while print to PDF - but how?

The Fabreasy digital stationery solution creates PDF files quickly and efficiently. PDF letterhead or visual signature is added during PDF creation. After the printing process, Fabreasy combines the created PDF with the digital stationery. The PDF file is now available including digital stationery after which it will be saved, printed or attached to an email message. It is also possible to work with several types of stationery sets. As a result, various business activities or reports can easily be provided with the right digital stationery without complicated actions afterwards. Sets can consist of different types of digital stationery. As a result, the digital stationery is not limited to, for example, only stationery and follow-up paper. You can choose whether the stationery is placed in the foreground or background.


Digital stationery solution  

What kind of digital stationery is suitable as PDF stationery?

In many cases stationery is supplied by the printer. The temptation is great to scan it in and then use it. This way of working is not recommended. The scanned stationery consists of very large PDF files, the quality of the company logos or images are of inferior quality (grainy). It is advisable to request the stationery from the printer or graphic designer. It is the intention that the digital letterhead PDF file is delivered as small as possible without loss. Request a PDF file in vector format in A4 format with transparent background.


How do I make my own PDF stationery?

A quick way is to use this online WYSIWYG stationery editor: https://editor.fabreasy.com (Dropbox account required) The editor integrates with the Fabreasy PDF Creator. The created digital stationery is immediately available in the Fabreasy stationery library. In short, if a company logo is already available, it can be loaded into the online editor. Different fonts and basic figures are available in the online stationery editor, so that digital stationery can be created quickly and efficiently.

It is advisable to have stationery designed by a graphic designer who supplies the files digitally in vector format in PDF format.


How do I link my digital PDF stationery to my invoices, reports, documents, etc.?

The letterhead should be available as a PDF file as described above, preferably a PDF file in vector format. Once this is the case, the Fabreasy PDF printer can be used to directly add the digital stationery during PDF creation.

    1. If you haven't already, download and install Fabreasy PDF Creator. After installation, a new PDF printer called "Fabreasy PDF Creator (printer)" is available for printing PDF files.
    2. Next print your letter or invoice on the PDF printer "Fabreasy PDF Creator (printer)". In the dialog box that appears, select Setup (red gear). Click on the 'House Style' tab. Select letterhead and follow-up paper. During the selection, the library appears. Add the stationery files here. Any stationery files created in the online stationery editor are readily available here. Then press the "Save" button after making the desired settings. Click the [Close] button.
    3. The created PDF can now be provided with the letterhead. Choose the desired output option: folder, email or printer (or combinations of these three with the magic wand). With this handy function, for example, your invoice is easily merged with your digital letterhead.


Flexible combination and integration of different PDF letterheads per page

In addition to being able to add stationery and follow-up paper, it is also possible to use stationery sets and signature sets. Due to different business activities or the need for different reports, it is desirable not to manually make different settings via setup each time.


Stationery Sets and Signature Sets

Once the PDF has been created with the printer driver, it is possible to choose the output option of the created PDF. Before the PDF is passed to the output option, it is possible to choose which letterhead or signature is added. because of this it is not necessary to install the printer driver more often. This results in a flexible whole, in which the choice of stationery and signature is made afterwards. Stationery sets are created in Fabreasy setup, tab 'House style' -> button [Advanced options]. Within this menu, the [Help] button provides specific information for creating stationery sets. Signature sets are defined in the 'Add Signatures' application.


Cover options

In addition to adding digital stationery, it is also possible to add PDF files at the beginning or at the end of the created PDF. For example, a cover page with a quote or general terms and conditions with a quote. The storage options can also be found in the 'Branding' tab in Fabreasy Setup.


Super handy included PDF tools:

The explanation above gives an idea of what is possible with Fabreasy PDF Creator. However, there is much more. After installation, a Dashboard application is available. An extensive range of applications in the PDF area can be found here:

    • Fabreasy Rearrange PDF pages - insert, delete and rotate pages
    • Fabreasy PDF Merger - Merge Word / Excel / PDF Files
    • Fabreasy PDF Splitter - split PDF files
    • Fabreasy PDF Mail Merger - use Excel data to send a PDF file
    • Fabreasy PDF Text2email - use text from a PDF file to send the file via email
    • Fabreasy PDF Add Signatures - add (dynamically) different signatures in different places in a PDF file

Check this page for all the features of Fabreasy PDF Creator.


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