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A mere click of a button is all it takes for Fabreasy to create a PDF file while adding your Virtual Stationery, ready to be sent by e-mail! Adjusting the Virtual Stationery is just plain easy using the online editor. Fabreasy: Stationery reinvented. Download now and get started!  

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RELEASE VERSION AND DATE: - September 2 / 2020 - New Tool added: Fabreasy PDF add, remove and rotate PDF pages

Add Letterhead / stationary to PDF
  • Add PDF letterhead created in our online PDF letterhead editor
  • Use a PDF file as letterhead (overlay / underlay)
  • Create multiple sets of letterhead i.e. different activities (invoices / quotations / contracts / etc.)
  • Add cover or back (PDF file containing multiple pages is allowed)
  • Advanced stationery and follow-up paper combinations are possible 

PDF Security options

  • Allow or prevent the user to add annotations
  • Allow or prevent the user to assemble the document.
  • Allow or prevent the user to edit the document.
  • Allow or prevent the user to copy text and graphics from the document.
  • Allow or prevent the user to print the document.
  • Enable copying for use with accessibility features.
  • Allow or prevent copy of text and images allowed
  • Force high-resolution printing of the document only.
  • The user requires a Password to open the document
  • Allow or prevent the user to fill in form fields.

PDF encryption options

  • 40 bit encryption
  • 128-bit RC4 encryption
  • 128-bit AES encryption (requires Acrobat 7 or later)
  • 256-bit AES encryption (requires Acrobat X or later)


  • Enable or disable PDF/a flag (NOTE: PDF security options not possible when activated).


  • Enable digital signing using a certificate (.pvk, .pfk, .pfx, .p12)
  • Add visual signature (visual signature creation tool)
  • Sign now option (Save PDF file placing a signature on a specific spot)

PDF file output options

  • Folder
  • E-mail
  • Printer
  • Magic Wand (combination of file, email and/or print). 

PDF Creator options

  • PDF Printer driver
  • Office Ribbon
  • Drag-and-drop (single file or multiple files / folders)
  • Command line operation

Extra PDF tools

  • Fabreasy PDF Merger
  • Fabreasy PDF Splitter
  • Fabreasy PDF Text2email: scan the content of a PDF file to send an email.
  • Fabreasy PDF Add Signatures
  • Fabreasy PDF insert, Delete and Rotate pages

Licensing / Pricing

  • You can download and install Fabreasy for free (Full version is enabled for 14 days)
  • Account required for every user (the license key is stored within the account of the user)
  • A site-license is possible (6+ users)

Installation requirement / options

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10, Office 2007 and up (Office Ribbon)
  • Note: Windows Terminal Server – RDS installation supported