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A mere click of a button is all it takes for Fabreasy to create a PDF file while adding your Virtual Stationery, ready to be sent by e-mail! Adjusting the Virtual Stationery is just plain easy using the online editor. Fabreasy: Stationery reinvented. Download now and get started!  

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

The video below show how to 
get started with Fabreasy PDF Creator

The video below shows how to create your digital letterhead
 using the Fabreasy Online Virtual Stationery Editor.


 After installing Fabreasy PDF Creator you will find 3 options to create PDF files.

  1. Office Ribbon for Word and Excel (Office 2007+)
  2. Fabreasy PDF Creator (printer)
  3. Fabreasy drag-and-drop

Please follow the steps below to operate Fabreasy. More information about Fabreasy find the instructions below!


Virtual Stationery / Letterhead -> ON / OFF

Toggle icon to enable / disable the PDF letterhead / Virtual Stationery.


How to use Fabreasy Office Ribbon (Word and Excel) 2007+

Step 1

Open a Word or Excel document. Click on the Fabreasy ribbon. Select your PDF file output option. 

Word ribbon for Office and Excel (2007+)

*If you do not see the Fabreasy Office Ribbon after installation, please restart your PC. 

How to use Fabreasy PDF Creator (Printer)

Step 1
Open a document in your application. Select Print from the menu.

 Print file

Step 2
Make sure your 'Fabreasy PDF Creator (Printer)' is selected. Click on [OK]

Fabreasy PDF Creator (Printer)

Step 3
Your PDF file is created. Please select the output for your PDF by clicking on one of the buttons.

Select what to do with your new PDF

You can edit the PDF letterhead using the online editor. Enter setup and create an account to enable this option.


How to use Fabreasy PDF Creator (drag-and-drop)

Step 1
Start 'Fabreasy PDF Creator (drag-and-drop)' from your program folders.

Start fabreasy (drag and drop)

Step 2
Open browser Window and drop your Office documents or PDF files on one of the Fabreasy icons.

drag and drop your files on Fabreasy 

You can drag and drop complete folders on Fabreasy. These folders may include files from different kind of Office formats or PDF files. 




Can I translate Fabreasy in my own language?

Yes! Please send an email (info (at) fabreasy.com) and we will explain how it works. In return you get a free 3 year license.




Attachment icon / button (send to email) does not work

PDF file is created including optional PDF letterhead and attached to a new email. Optional email template can be edited. An email client like Outlook or Thunderbird must be installed. If you do not have one installed, we recommend to install thunderbird (https://www.mozilla.org/thunderbird/) or Windows Live mail (both free).

To enable drag-and-drop to email attachment for the use of gmail please link Gmail with Mozilla Thunderbird through IMAP. Just fill in your Gmail Account Credentials (after installing Thunderbird) using imap and all folders synchronize. When having problems read the possible solution below.

Thunderbird gmail pop/imap/smtp password fail (doesn't work)

1. Visit this: https://www.google.com/accounts/DisplayUnlockCaptcha from pc on which your client fails to login
2. And allow access to your Google account

Still having problems? Create an application-specific password 
When you sign up for 2-Step Verification in Gmail, google normally sends you verification codes. However, these codes do not work with some apps and devices, like Gmail on Thunderbird. You need to generate an App password. Check: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833?hl=en&ctx=ch_DisplayUnlockCaptcha




How does Fabreasy drag-and-drop create PDF files? 

To convert documents into PDF files Fabreasy drag-and-drop needs to have Office installed. When dropping a document on Fabreasy the software will check if there is an office installed. When Fabreasy does not find an office it will provide a link to download Libre Office (Open Source Software). Please run Libre Office first after installation and restart Fabreasy.

If have both offices installed (Libre and MS) which one should I choose? 

The smallest PDF files are created by Libre Office. MS Office is more fast. MS Office probably gives the best result for MS Office files. Libre Office gives probably the best results for Libre Office. Always check the end result before sending the file. 

Can I edit PDF files?

No. Fabreasy is developed to create PDF files and include a PDF letterhead. Using Fabreasy it is not possible to edit existing PDF files. It is possible to import a PDF file in the online editor. Fabreasy is designed keeping in mind that you are the creator and owner of the PDF file and are able to edit the original file.



What is the use of the Online Editor and why do I need an account?

The online editor enables users to create a PDF letterhead which can be added to your documents. Please use Firefox or Chrome to start the editor. The editor is WYSYWYG (What You See is What you Get) and synchronizes with Fabreasy PDF Creator on the PC. To be able to sync the user needs online space to store the design. After creating an account the online space is activated. Fabreasy PDF Creator for Windows automatically downloads the designs from the Fabreasy Cloud when the account is setup and activated.



Can I run Fabreasy from the command line?

Fabreasy supports batch file operation via parameter options. Please find a parameter list below.


Fabreasy.exe "c:\my invoice\invoice.pdf" /f /a+ /useset=invoice
Simulates drop on folder and adds the invoice letterhead set

Fabreasy.exe "c:\my invoice\invoice.pdf" /f /a+
Simulates drop on folder and adds the letterhead

Fabreasy.exe "c:\my invoice\invoice.docx" /p /r /a+
Simulates drop on printer, checks fabreasy.com and adds the latest version of the letterhead

Make sure to start fabreasy.exe in the correct folder. Standard installation folder is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\fabreasy 
And on a 32 bit Windows:
C:\Program Files\fabreasy

Simulate drop on:
/f = folder
/e = email
/p = printer
/m = magic wand

Additional parameters:
/a+ = add letterhead
/a- = disable letterhead
/useset=set name e.g. invoice
/r = refresh letterhead, checks fabreasy.com (slower) 

Can only be used as a single parameter:
/s = enter Fabreasy setup
/? = show all parameter options




Manual operation

Besides drag-and-drop it is also possible to create PDF files using the Manual operation option. Go to setup and click on the Manual Operation tab. Now select files using the [Start Selection] button. This will provide the same options as the icons, without drag-and-drop.




How to Buy a license

To buy a license go to Fabresy setup. Click on the 'Account' tab and follow Step 1 and Step 2:

drag and drop your files on Fabreasy


Feel free to send us an email if you need any help! info (at) fabreasy.com